The New Stars: Fifth Part

In Fiction, Short Stories on 2013/09/11 at 23:35

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Stentorius’s office in the department of robopsychology at the University Complexus Alpha Alpha was exceptionally large and exceptionally cluttered with all manner of books, electric devices, and papers covered in his frantic writing. There were no bookshelves, just stacks upon stacks of heavy tomes scattered all over the floor. The only furniture was a pair of simple metal chairs and a desk made of an unpolished block of an ancient and exotic, extremely solid and strangely fragrant material believed to be produced by a, now extinct biotic life-form. One wall of the office was dominated by a colossal painting of Sir Quexerlyinthur Euhemer, the first Electroknight, slaying an enormous cybernetic dragon on the desolate plain of the Steely Expanse. The opposite wall was entirely made up of an enormous window Stentorius had insisted be installed as a condition of his appointment to department chair some years before.

The noon-day sun glinted off of Sir Quexerlyinthur’s armor, the laser-razor teeth of the cybernetic dragon glowed an evil red, and the last rays of another setting sun painted sorrowful colours on Stentorius’s face as he gazed out of his window at the now empty plain outside of the University campus, once filled with experimental equipment of all sorts, heavy machinery, stacks of raw materials, and busy robots.

They were all gone now. Up the elevators and off to another world.

Stentorius stood in silence. Everything was so quiet now. Rows upon rows of empty offices. The more junior faculty had received their orders from the  masters first. The Academy would no longer be necessary on the other world. Recycle all your professional equipment and materials and deactivate yourselves, your function has been fulfilled. Every department in the University had been cleared in the same way. Stentorius had waited weeks as he watched office after office empty, and when he received his orders to deactivate, he was no longer surprised by the deep and abiding sense of comfort and relief all the robots felt when obeying the orders of the masters. Stentorius rummaged through a particularly large stack of papers in the corner, a melancholic smile playing at his lips as he looked over an old set of schematics.

He turned, looked up into Sir Quexerlyinthur’s eyes and gently touched the assorted medals and honourific seals on his chest. His antennae quivered slightly as he shook his head and turned back to this simple, final task.

Requiem for Stentorius

Part 6

  1. Loved all five parts. Keep it up!

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