In Art, Art Gallery blurbs from the future on 2013/11/01 at 08:38

Artist’s statement on Carryon2028

It’s a dead bird I found on my way home from the airport. It’s just a dead bird. When I pick up the bird, take it home, clean it, preserve it, mount it in a glass case, and put it on the wall, does it become more than just a dead bird? What does it mean? What am I saying? Is it a symbol of our collective mortality? Is it a freezeframe in an evolutionary story that shrunk the scaly talons of a terrifying ancient beast into the delicate little feet of this tiny body? Are these wings the wings of a comforting angel clad in a blue as clear and pure as the sky it descended from full of proclamations of freedom from fear? Is it a token to remember my mother, who always loved bluebirds? Is it a pocket-sized tragedy for a world that’s too large and too loud to notice the beauty of every final breath? Is it every bird ever? Is it everything? Is it you? Is it me?

No. It’s just a dead bird.

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