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The New Stars: Eighth Part- Visitor From The Abandoned Planet

In Fiction, Short Stories on 2014/02/03 at 17:04

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Several decades later…

The starlight seems to quiver with potential as it filters through the thick atmosphere. The air is cold. Auroral bursts, quivering starshine, and the light of a full moon reflect off of a blank sheet of  snow and ice dotted with a forest of windblasted, needled biotes that thins out to nothingness to the north. Trees. That was the word for them. A gentle wind whips and snaps at a long purple robe woven with an ornate pattern in gold thread and draped luxiouriously over the shoulders of a proud and beautifully proportioned robot who is gazing purposefully towards the south. If there were a single cloud in the sky it might have reflected the warm light of a distant city, but the sky was open like a door into a cavernous room. Still, he knew the city was there, and as he trudged into the deepening forest away from his landing craft, clutching a large roll of graphene paper covered in whispy tracings glittering in neon and sealed with wax, he prepared himself for whatever fate might await him there.

Visitor from the Abandoned Planet


Part Nine