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Systemscape in Red

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Systemscape in Red  – 2039

Not everyone was taken in by the artist’s open invitation to a gallery showing where the price of admission was a drop of blood from each attendee. Those that were have the satisfaction of being a part of “Systemscape in Red.” The artist comments; “Not all artists are brave enough to ask, even very  meekly, anything of their audience. I make demands.”


Mighty Years

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Mighty Years2045

A rare later example of the artists’ monolithic slabs, Mighty Years features selections from Poul Anderson’s Uncleftish Beholding, a short work on atomic theory rendered into a bizarre form of English devoid of all non-Germanic words. The slab itself is mostly lead and the base it rests on is constructed of steel cylinders modeled after the type used to store toxic uranium hexafluoride. The artist comments; “An early Anthropocene artifact.” Soothly we live in mighty years!


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Footage from Pavo– 2028

Dressing and grooming this character actor in as unflattering a way as possible, the artist had him spend the day riding public transit, sitting open-mouthed, reading a large book bearing the title The Ultimate Guide To Seduction. Despite his unfashionable facial hair, intentionally strong body odour, ill-fitting clothes, general unkempt appearance, and complete silence, he did end up with several women’s contact information by the end of the day.


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Tournesol– 2046

Around and around it goes. Following the sun. Day after day after day. Winding up and winding down. What is the point? You’ve seen this before. It’s all so familiar and all so new, every time.


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This Installation Features Content Some May Find Offensive

In a seven-screen installation we are treated to the Alphonse Mecker cut of the artist’s live performance piece combining video projections of astrophotography, live felatio, and the energetic use of human semen as a medium. The artist remains silent throughout the entire performance except for her now well-known line;

New worlds. New Possibilities.


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Racism is pervasive in art as it is in every facet of culture. The music generated by the senors in the sculpture reacts not only to the size and location of the people around it, but also to their ethnicity. The implicit is made explicit and a cultural echochamber results. Step into the circle and join the music.


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Artist’s statement on Carryon2028

It’s a dead bird I found on my way home from the airport. It’s just a dead bird. When I pick up the bird, take it home, clean it, preserve it, mount it in a glass case, and put it on the wall, does it become more than just a dead bird? What does it mean? What am I saying? Is it a symbol of our collective mortality? Is it a freezeframe in an evolutionary story that shrunk the scaly talons of a terrifying ancient beast into the delicate little feet of this tiny body? Are these wings the wings of a comforting angel clad in a blue as clear and pure as the sky it descended from full of proclamations of freedom from fear? Is it a token to remember my mother, who always loved bluebirds? Is it a pocket-sized tragedy for a world that’s too large and too loud to notice the beauty of every final breath? Is it every bird ever? Is it everything? Is it you? Is it me?

No. It’s just a dead bird.

Perfect Triad

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Perfect Triad– 2039

A notable achievement in that it is nonrepresentational yet explicitly sexual, Triad began what the artist calls her “boudoir geometricies” series, the most famous of which is of course Quadrilateral Softswap.


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The shell of this enormous tortoise is constructed entirely of Tarot cards, Ouija boards, pages from the I Ching, and daily horoscopes clipped from newspapers. Turtle shell bones were once also used in Chinese divination during the late Shang dynasty. Though his footsteps recede ever on behind him into the past, the tortoise’s eyes are looking ever forward into the future.

Portrait in Scat

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Portrait in Scat – 2028

Postcards  decorated with small scale reproductions of famous paintings can be purchased in art gallery gift shops all over the world. After purchasing and ingesting several of these post cards from the gift shop at the Hong Kong Museum of Art the artist went home, waited until the next day, then used her own waste to paint this canvas. The artist asks “What is an artist? What is art?”